"Custom Saddlery makes the best saddles on the market! From their amazing quality down to the customer service - no other saddle can compare. Since I've used Custom Saddlery saddles, my back has been pain free and my horses backs have never felt better. These saddles allow the horses shoulder to be uninhibited, thus allowing the horses shoulders to move freely."


"DSB Boots are made from military grade material and provide extra support on the horses legs. Functionality as well as support are very important to me when it comes to boots. DSB boots are the only boots I trust with my horses."




"Kastel Denmark shirts are a must have in the hot Florida climate. Having many horses to ride in a day, these shirts do a great job keeping me protected from the sun while also keeping me fashionable! These shirts also are antimicrobial, antibacterial, and built in SPF properties."

master's circle

"I have been using ETA - Equine hay for three years. This hay has been extremely consistent and the quality has been amazing. All of my horses and my client's horses love this hay. Since I loved the quality of their hay so much, I also decided to try their supplements. Needless to say, their supplements are equally amazing! I noticed a difference on one of my horses in two days on the Reflexes!"




"Samshield has amazing quality helmets and gloves. The helmet is comfortable and very flattering, and the gloves provide fantastic grip like no other glove I have ridden in! Also, the helmets are so unbelievably gorgeous!"


"Having a Theraplate has changed my horses overall health and soundness and also mine! My horses are on the Theraplate every day before I ride for a minimum of 15 minutes. It helps loosen the muscles pre-work, and also speeds up healing in horses rehabbing. I also use it for my back when I am feeling tight or sore."




"I switched my horses to Buckeye about two years ago, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their coats have improved and I stopped giving them their coat supplements, and their overall body condition has changed too. They have beautiful coats, and have gained more muscle. What I love about Buckeye is that the company is 100% med free, so there is less chance of contamination in the feed."


"Animo clothing is not only beautiful, flattering, and stylish but also functional. The breeches provide excellent grip and stretch while riding, and also look great outside of the barn! The show coats are moisture wicking and also provide excellent ventilation. Living in Florida, and competing in extreme temperatures, having clothing that helps keep me cool and also stylish is extremely important."




"Stivalli Romitelli boots are super stylish, comfortable, and also durable. I wear my boots all day, everyday, and they are holding up extremely well! they are also the most comfortable tall boot I've worn. There is no hard "break in" period! 


"MDC Stirrups have been instrumental to my riding. I used to suffer from ankle and knee pain, and since I've used MDC Super Sport Stirrups, my pain instantly stopped. These stirrups are extremely well made and also very useful in day to day riding! I highly recommend these stirrups to anyone who wants an enjoyable time in the saddle!"



"Cottage Farm Equine Therapy Solutions is the to go to place for everything needed to aid your horse to feel their best! From Activo-Med magnetic blanket and laser therapy to stirrup leathers and girths, they have it all! My horses absolutely love their Activo-Med magnetic blanket before and after a school! "


Equi-Clean grooming wipes are the innovative new disposable grooming wipes! These wipes provide a quick and easy way to groom your horse while also conditioning and adding shine to your horses coat. Equi-Clean wipes are made with great smelling herbs –Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender, Thyme. These wipes are also USEF compliant! After I use them on my horse, I also use them to clean my tack!